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Essene Bread

Organic Essene Wheat Buns


Natural organic ingredients

Inspired by the ancient Essene people, our sprouted grain what bread is made from simple, natural ingredients: certified organic wheat grains and purified water with added raisins and spice to make a natural sweet treat. 


No yeast, oil, salt or sugar are added to our bread, making it ideal for those with allergies or specific dietary requirements.

Low temperature

Our bread is hand-shaped and then baked slowly at a low temperature to maximise nutrition and develop the unique flavour.

Sprouted grains

Essene Bread predates the invention of the flour mill; instead of flour, the bread is made from whole sprouted grains.

 Supply NZ Only

Rich flavour

The rich, moist flavour of Wheat Essene Bread derives from the sprouting process, which converts starch into maltose and other ingredients readily assimilated by the body.

Our Wheat Essene Buns are available as a pack of 4 (green label).

Ingredients: certified organic wheat, organic raisins, spice, purified water.


Essene Buns Nutritional

 We also produce a rye bread and wheat bread.


We dont use any preservatives in our bread so keep essene bread in the fridge of freezer.


We make Essene bread in a fortnightly cycle, so it may pay to contact you local shop to check availability.


Find out where to buy Essene Bread here.